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Happy Baby


Your relationship with your child.

Join a warm, supportive community of parents and caregivers
(dads, grandparents, nannies & all caregivers are welcome)

What can you expect at El Nido? 

PLAY for your child

COMMUNITY for you and your child 

SUPPORT for the whole family

Parent-Infant Classes

This group meets weekly in a small, intimate setting of 8 adults and 8 infants (4 weeks - early walkers). The environment is thoughtfully curated with simple toys to explore and plenty of room for infants to move in ways they are ready for.

Our parent-infant classes are inspired and guided by the respectful caregiving principles of RIE (Resouces for Infant educarers), a respectful caregiving philosophy by Magda Gerber.


 After a round of introductions, we often check in with each other and share our joys and challenges on this parenting journey.


We then spend time observing in delight how the children are interacting with the environment, their peers, and the adults in the room.

Parent and Child


We reflect on Magda Gerber’s thoughts and principles on respectful caregiving and have conversations about our observations.

Parent-Toddler Classes

A small intimate group of 6 adults and 6 toddlers.  The classes are guided by Maria Montessori's respectful principles.  A Montessori-inspired environment prepared with “stage-appropriate” toys and materials offering plenty of opportunities for children to develop emerging gross and fine motor skills, language, and sensory experiences through different manipulatives, art, music, and food preparation.  Our classes offer wonderful opportunities to guide the children's developing interactions and friendships in a safe, supportive environment. 

A place to find friends and community while learning about Montessori, parenting and child development.

We welcome all caregivers to join our playgroup. 


Follow the Child

We begin by following the child's interests.  With observations, we understand what the child is ready for.  The environment offers various experiences and opportunities for them to explore with curiosity!


Support Independence

"Help me to do it myself" is a child's bid for independence.  In an environment designed for children to learn new skills that support their independence, children gain confidence as they master life skills that can easily be adopted in your home.



"Respect" is at the heart of Montessori and RIE philosophies.  As a parent and caregiver you will have plenty of opportunities to take home respectful & empowering communication, and also gain understanding & guidance around their socio-emotional development.

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MUSIC IS JOYFUL!  Join PRELUDE MUSIC TOGETHER at El Nido.  Visit to learn about their music program at El Nido!


Exposing children to music during the early years introduces them to melodies, rhythms, beats, words, actions, repetition and also direction. 

Experience a joyful, rhythmic time with your little one!

Playing Music for Baby
We enjoy every class we attend at ElNido.Since attending the classes, I have seen my son become more independent along with improving his fine motor skills.  Corine has helped my son try new tasks and reminds me to step back to allow him to figure it out on his own.  As a parent, it is innate to want to help my child when he is having difficulty but with her guidance, I have seen so much growth in my son.  I highly recommend El Nido to anyone considering to attend.

Monica M. | TX

"To assist a child, we must provide him with an environment that will enable him to develop freely."

Maria Montessori

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