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A Montessori experience
for you and your child.  

Learning together, growing together!

Welcome to El Nido, a nesting place for you and your child as you experience our playgroups, gatherings, and workshops.  

A place for your child to explore, and engage in purposeful experiences.

A place for families to connect, learn and be a part of a supportive community. 

Our "Montessori Together" playgroups are inspired by the principles of Montessori.  

The "Montessori Together" playgroup class is for parent/caregiver and child  (12 months & walking independently-3 years)

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Our "Parent-Infant Gatherings" are insp
ired by RIE (Resources for Infant Educarers).  A journey with your child into what respectful care looks like. 
The Parent-Infant Gatherings are for parent/caregiver and child  (2 - 14 months)

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We welcome all caregivers: parents, grandparents & nannies.

Our mission is to guide families in understanding the young child.  To share the transformational principles of Montessori and RIE with families so they can best support their child and begin their parenting journey with awareness and understanding .
Experience our class, take home ideas and communication tools.

Begin your journey with us! 

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