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Hi, I'm Corine Noronha


Hi, I’m Corine Noronha, a proud mom of two wonderful kids, Alex (15) and Daniella (20) who continue to keep me grounded and ever-present in their worlds and for that, I am so grateful!


I chanced upon Montessori 17 years ago when my daughter was 3 years old and since then, I have only dug my heels deeper into learning, understanding, and applying this life-changing philosophy so generously shared by Dr. Maria Montessori.

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I’ve always enjoyed partnering with the parents and families of the children I worked with. Parents are the child’s first teachers and the home and culture of the family are the child’s first environment.  I am excited to share this thoughtfully created space with your family and share my experiences as a Montessori parent and educator.

My hope is:

- To share my passion and set the stage for important connections with your child. 

- To help you understand your toddler and guide you in supporting your child using Montessori principles. - To help you gain a deeper understanding of your child as you observe him interact with the environment.

- To help understand what it is to "follow your child" and guide you in your observations to help notice their interests, their developing skills, and their experiences.


Above all, my hope is to help you carry these experiences home, to guide your first steps in building a respectful, supportive, and nurturing relationship with your young child.  

I’m deeply grateful for all my experiences at every school I’ve worked with, especially, The Post Oak School and St. Catherine’s Montessori which have been a guiding light during my years of learning. My experiences at these schools and the guidance from the mentors there led me to seek a deeper understanding of Montessori.  I am grateful for the learning and growth through the experiences there, the opportunity to learn from various workshops, and being able to receive my 1st half of Primary AMI training which offered a deeper understanding of the Montessori pedagogy through amazing lectures, and a beautiful, supportive community.  An experience that augmented my learning and experiences after my Early Childhood AMS certification.  ​My passion to serve parents and children motivates me to continue learning and growing.

The world holds a growing community of amazing Montessori guides, moms, trainers, educators, and people who strive to share the beauty of Montessori.

I am inspired by Simone Davies, the author of “The Montessori Toddler” and “The Montessori Baby” who hosts parent and child classes in Amsterdam. Simone Davies inspires others so joyously and shares so generously. I am inspired by her mission to share the joys of Montessori one family at a time and her ideas and inspirations have influenced me in my pursuit of starting my own "Montessori Together" playgroup.  I am so very grateful for her, Thank you Simone!


Above all, I am deeply grateful for my ever-supportive husband Joel, who believes in me more than I do myself, and has always nudged me to use my passion for Montessori to help other parents.

I welcome you with deep joy on a "Montessori Together" journey with me, with your child, and with the families you will meet in our shared community, 

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