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What to expect from attending a “Montessori-inspired parent-toddler class?

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Who can attend the class?

Parent/ caregiver and child (12 - 36 months, the child should be walking independently). We welcome all caregivers (dads, grandparents & nannies).

How long is the class?

1 hour 15 minutes. During this time the children will explore and engage with the environment prepared for them. Parents will be guided in experiencing the class and in observations of their child, we discuss some of the observations around snack time. Children engage in setting up their place for snack and cleaning up after they are done.

We wrap up our class with a book and some songs.

What to expect in class?

For the child:

- An intentionally and thoughtfully prepared environment with engaging materials, carefully chosen to meet the children's interests and curiosity.

- The environment has many purposeful activities to support their emerging skills and language. A mixed-age group offers social and collaborative skills.

- The children that attend regularly, come to expect the familiarity of the environment and the routine. Attending regularly offers children comfort in knowing the environment, their peers, and the accompanying adults. With time, it's delightful to watch developing friendships and a growing community.

For parents and caregivers:

Understanding the "prepared environment"

  • Parents and caregivers get to witness the influence of a "prepared environment" and how it aids the child's need for independence thus building confidence in a child who is able to reach for materials that interest him and explore and engage in purposeful work.

Understanding "observation"

  • What to observe? What is your child showing interest in? What is your child choosing repeatedly? What engages his concentration? When does he pause to seek help? What skills are emerging? developing? What social interactions is she seeking? All these observations and more help us understand the child's needs and this information guides us in supporting those needs.

Understanding what it is to "follow the child"

  • Montessori's famous quote "Follow the child" helps us see the child as an initiator who is intrinsically driven to explore and learn about his environment. The young child is curious and wants to learn to do things for herself. When we slow down to follow the child, we are able to see what their interests are and what they are capable of doing or when they are eager to do things for themselves, it is in these moments of slowing down that we are able to best support their needs and meet them where they are. These are moments of connection and getting to know the child.

Guiding the child with respect

  • Come and experience how respect for children is expressed in every interaction. We stay grounded in the fact that for young children, this world is so new, and as the adults in their lives, we have the opportunity to be their guide, to support their curiosity as well as their emotional and social development. Each time, you will take home a respectful approach, new observations, and new information to support your parenting journey.

“We must respect the child and the child must understand that he is respected. He needs to be prepared for everything that is going to be done for him. ” - Maria Montessori

How often can we attend the playgroup class?

You can choose our current Term if spots are available. If the class you are looking for is booked or if you are looking for a day and time you don't see, please feel free to contact us with your needs, we are slowly growing and will be glad to listen to your needs and suggestions.


SIGN UP FOR OUR "INTRODUCTORY CLASS" to see if this is a playgroup you and your toddler might enjoy!

We look forward to seeing you and your little one in our class soon! Please email or fill up the contact form if you have any further questions.

Our mission is to guide families in understanding the young child through observations and to support families in creating "connected" parent-child relationships based on understanding and trust. Begin your journey with us!

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